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TOP-Consultants: Your partner in The Netherlands for Environmental Health and Safety services.

Who we are

TOP-Consultants is a Dutch consultancy bureau offering Environmental, Occupational Health and Safety services for all types of industries, located in The Netherlands. For more than 25 years we deliver ‘tailor made’ EHS solutions supporting SME and multinational enterprises. TOP-Consultants provides its clients always intelligent and practical solutions. We help you to achieve the best management results for environmental health and safety performance.

TOP-Consultants is specialized in dealing with Seveso / external safety matters. Over the years we supported more than 10% of all Seveso companies in The Netherlands.

  1. EHS consultancy, environmental permits, Seveso companies
  2. EHS Legal compliance audits, due diligence audits
  3. Dedicated EHS risk management, environmental permits
  4. Management systems ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001

TOP takes care of your EHS matters. Whether it is about carrying out a SHE (Safety, Health and Environmental) compliance audit, or an investigation on working conditions or a process safety risk assessment, we can help you.

The approach of TOP-Consultants can be characterized as practical and problem-solving. We provide customized and manageable solutions. We help you to solve your problems and to get in full compliance.

If you have an environmental, health or safety related question, don´t hesitate to contact us.

TOP-Consultants: intelligence, decisiveness and practical solutions


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