Reference projects External Security

ClientJob description
Producer of pesticides
Brzo / high-threshold device
QRA in the context of unbundling of activities
Supplier and distributor of
chemical products
QRA storage / distribution center
Advice High / or low-threshold establishment
PBZO compulsory WM permit
Risk assessment - Explosion protection - ATEX;
drawing up an explosion safety document
Drafting the UPD starting point document
Security study / HAZOP
Producer PIR insulation boards
Storage of K1 liquids
Drafting a Prevention Policy for Major Accidents
Implement safety management system
Internal auditing and management guidance
review VBS
Guidance Brzo inspections
ATEX training for personnel
Insurance company
Risk assessment EV construction LNG terminal,
Maasvlakte I.
Underground storage risk assessment
natural gas in salt stores
gas storage in tanks, Vlissingen
Risk assessment of oxygen storage in the vicinity
from propane storage;
ATEX research coating hall.
Investigation into the issue of propane storage and spatial planning (reducing risk contours)
Storage and filling company of gas bottles
with hazardous substances
Moerdijk and China
Executing QRA scenarios with Safeti NL,
Advice on equivalence principle PGS-15
Process safety analysis new factory
Storage and filling company of gas bottles
with hazardous substances, Noord Brabant
Implementing QRA, Risk identification, guidance
Brzo, setting up VBS
Chemical products manufacturing company
Compliance audit / gap analysis Safety management system, performing VBS audits.
Principle document PGS-15
ATEX inventory and drafting EVD
Pharmaceutical company
Risk assessment - Explosion protection - ATEX;
drawing up an explosion safety document
Various Brzo companies
Earthquake zone Northeast Groningen
Investigate external security risks such as
due to earthquakes
Various project developers
Nijmegen, Delft, Rotterdam, Breda
Perform QRA (RBM II) dangerous transport
substances by rail in connection with the transition project
(from companies to housing)
Logistics service provider with large-scale
storage and transshipment of hazardous substances
Bergen op Zoom
Safety management system,
PBZO document
Drafting VR safety report
Executing QRAs with Safeti NL
Accountability Group risk for the filling of hazardous substances
Guidance Brzo inspections
Risk assessment - Explosion protection - ATEX;
drawing up an explosion safety document
Set-up and supervision of a safety organization /
VGW committee
Container terminal with storage and transhipment
of hazardous substances
Bergen op Zoom
Implementing QRA with Safeti NL
Advise on storage safety measures
containers with dangerous goods (ADR)
Chemical plant of polymer emulsions
Rotterdam - Botlek
ATEX explosion safety investigation, update Explosion safety document (EVD)
Operator of holiday and recreation parks
Advice EV paragraph EIA procedure, and calculations for road transport related to RBMII
with extension of holiday park
Producer of industrial gases
locations in Terneuzen and Ghent
Compliance audit Seveso (in Dutch and
Belgian branch)
Manufacturer of chemical products
Chemelot site in Geleen
Risk assessment and advice on explosion protection and safety zoning - ATEX
Chemical products producer, RoermondRisk assessment and advice on explosion protection and safety zoning - ATEX -
new production line
Department of Defense
Air Force Unit
Research and advice Safety management system ammunition storage; gap analysis and compliance audits
Project developer residential area with new
sanitation, Amsterdam
QRA and ATEX risks with regard to black fermentation
water and biogas application
Container at / transshipment companies
Rotterdam and Moerdijk
QRA storage and transhipment; environmental risk analysis MRA
with Proteus; support Brzo tasks
Various municipalities and environmental servicesQRA LPG filling station (Safeti) and assessment
QRA high pressure gas pipe (Carola) related to
zoning plan revision
Various clients:
- Poultry farming
- Producer of dry egg products
- Importer of seeds, kernels, flour
- Manufacturer of sanitary systems
- Storage and transhipment of packaging
ATEX investigation and drafting EVD:
- Reuse wood moth
- Powders from egg products
- Repacking of seeds, kernels, gluten
- Gas, vapor explosion risks
- In use filling installation powder products
Various clients:
- galvanizing company;
- agricultural businesses
Executing QRA:
- because of cyanide-containing baths;
- because of propane storage

This is just a small “selection” of the projects we have carried out in recent years.

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